DungeonCorp.com has opened it's studios to the public for rental! You will find our facilities to be clean and well organized, with lots of room for your gear, talent and crew to be completely comfortable during the course of your rental. Look over our amenities, then feel free to browse through our floorplan to get a good feel for our professionally designed studio space and sets. Our amenities include...

- Convenient location just off the 405 freeway at Sherman Way in the San Fernando Valley.
- A parking lot with plenty of available spaces.
- A small lobby, kitchen and dining space and two bathrooms.
- HVAC heated or cooled studio.
- Wireless Internet access.
- Plenty of 20 amp outlets and 300 amp wall box.
- A huge selection of custom BDSM furniture.
- A huge selection of BDSM gear and props.
- Flash and Hotlight kits available for rent.
- A great crew who is dedicated to making your production as smooth and easy as possible.


Crew and Talent

Lighting and AC

Props and Gear

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Booking Contact : John Kabneched
Email : Tech@dungeoncorp.com
Studio Phone : 818-904-2779
Studio Fax : 818-904-2780